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What We Do

It's Your Investment, 

Let us Help You Protect it!

If you’re looking for a cost-effective approach to revive the old hardwood floors you love, screen & recoat finishing is a great option. The better the condition of the hardwood floor, the more budget-friendly the project price will be. Floors in poor condition will take more time to prep, repair and refinish which means additional labor costs. We take the time to carefully access your refinishing needs and give you a fairly-priced estimate with no hidden fees or unexplained charges. 


What is screening?

Screening is when slightly worn wooden floors are renewed by abrading them before applying a new coating on top - it is also known as 'light sanding'. A buffing machine coupled with a screening pad is used to strip the finish without removing it. The objective is to get rid of the small imperfections. A rotary sander is not very powerful which makes them incapable of removing serious stains or deep scratches.


Engineered Hardwood Floors

This flooring is particularly delicate because, unlike solid hardwood floors, it cannot be sanded and refinished many times. You have one chance to treat this flooring right! That’s why periodic deep cleaning with Gemini Steemers is essential to the longevity of your engineered hardwood floors.

We Remove Wax, Dents and Scratches


What You Can Expect 

We not only remove wax, but stubborn dirt that has been absorbed by the surface of the floor, becoming trapped in between the gaps and cracks that take away from the beauty of natural or engineered floors. In the final step, we apply a high-quality polyurethane to protect and lock in the new finish!

Living Rooms . Bedrooms . Kitchens . Stairs . Halls

NOTE: All floors may not qualify for the screen & recoat process.

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